ESV Consulting

ESV Consulting

The art of smart investing

by Enza Spedale

ESV Consulting energises your real estate investment projects.

We have been actively involved in the European real estate market since 2003, consistently identifying the best investment opportunities.


"A negotiation, an agreement": our negotiation skills are built upon an unrivalled knowledge of the territory. This allows us to guide your projects to success.


We guarantee absolute and strict confidentiality. Your trust and discretion are at the heart of our mission together.

ESV Consulting values all real estate investment opportunities

ESV Consulting is a professional service comprised of trusted and discreet consultants.

Experts in the Real Estate field for over 15 years, we offer our clients personalized investment solutions in Europe and across the globe.

Discover the best opportunities, negotiate and close the best deals: ESV’s versatility and responsiveness guarantee a tailor-made service for its clients, ensuring a secured and high return on investment.

Belgium - Luxembourg - France

ESV Consulting operates across Europe.
A rigorous methodology grounded in profound knowledge of the sector.
1. Observe and anticipate

Always on the lookout in the market, our consultants can detect the best deals to take advantage of in your interest.

2. Identify

Once your objectives are clearly defined, ESV Consulting locates the most profitable actions and opportunities for you.

3. Investigate

Using our versatility, we find the best possibility of a high-value location for you. Lots, properties, real estate or development strategies: we propose projects that best respond to your expectations.

4. Facilitate the network

ESV Consulting puts its solid experience and collaboration with urban players to work in order to provide you with a great service. We can even provide political support if deemed necessary.

5. Negotiate

We manage negotiations, keeping your best interests at heart, while respecting any environmental constraints.

We believe in relevant and targeted investment opportunities for each and every one of our clients.

ESV Consulting

Belgium - Luxembourg - France

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Enza Spedale is here to advise you on your project.

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